Vietnam Polymath REU

Collaborative Mathematical Research for Undergraduate Students

Inspired by Polymath Jr. Program, Vietnam-Polymath-REU aims to provide Vietnamese undergraduate students with the training, skills, and information needed to succeed in the next step of their careers. 

There will be three main components in this program: Mini-courses, Research, and Mentoring. First, we will offer a series of mini-courses that aim to help students build a deeper background in a variety of mathematical topics. After this phase, students will enter the research phase where they work on a series of accessible research problems. During this second phase, each student will work under the supervision of an active and experienced mentor from Vietnam or abroad. These mentors will provide the students with guidance and support throughout their projects. Additionally, students will have a chance to learn more about graduate schools, and academic life, and get advice on how to go through the Ph.D./Master application process. Furthermore, there will be a monthly one-day meeting where students can present their current progress to the whole team. We expect the mentorship to be long-lasting and students can always request recommendation letters from their mentors.